A Great Picture

This image was posted on Twitter tonight as Tim Lauer’s new favourite picture. http://www.flickr.com/photos/lydiamaria/3075298475/ I checked it out immediately.  What a great picture.  If you’re into pricing, that’s a pair of expensive computers those youngsters are holding.  It’s interesting to see them so engaged with their technology. I just hope, in the best sense ofContinue reading “A Great Picture”

links for 2008-11-30

TiddlyDu2 – – a free personal organizer from http://www.giffmex.org Welcome to TiddlyDu2! TiddlyDu2 is a free personal organizer in TiddlyWiki format. It allows you to easily organize your goals, projects, tasks, dated tasks, important information, and contacts. (tags: web2.0 tiddlywiki wiki productivity howto organizer tutorial writing web organize) pocketmanila.com Welcome to the newest flick inContinue reading “links for 2008-11-30”