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Twitter has had just an enormous impact on folks who would grow their Personal Learning Network.  It’s a conversation; it’s a collaboration; it’s chatter; it’s making new contacts; it’s all of this and none of this depending upon how you handle it.

It’s also an area with a very friendly and open API that inspires all kinds of folks to write utilities to interface with it.  I’ve been trying to keep up with them on my wiki at this page.

In the past, I’ve offered a number of suggestions via this blog for finding interesting or related or celebrity or news/sports/weather people/services to follow on Twitter.  It’s a good way to increase the power of Twitter for fun and learning.  And, oh the learning.  If you’re not using Twitter, you’re missing so much.

Recently, a newcomer has shown up on the scene.  It’s name is Mr. Tweet.

Mr. Tweet offers yet another alternative. 

Unlike previous strategies which require work on your behalf, Mr. Tweet does much of the work for you.

All that you need to do is follow Mr. Tweet on Twitter.  When your time has come, you’ll receive a direct tweet indicating that this service has done its work for you.

What’s the work?

Well, the first thing is to produce a list of people that are following you that you aren’t currently following.  Often, you’ll get wrapped up in using the service and perhaps ignore those who start to follow you.  You can play catchup with this component of the service.

The other component is even more interesting.  Through some sort of algorithm, Mr. Tweet purports to find your trends in friend gathering and offers some suggestions for people that perhaps you should be following.  This is another very interesting route to take.  Unlike the previous suggestions, this will find many more people that you have never heard of before.

I gave it a shot and was quite impressed. 

Twitter offers so much if you use it to its maximum.  Using the additional utilities make a great service even better.

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