Adventures in Moving Forward

For the next three days, I’ve booked myself for some full-day adventures with our elementary Computers in Education School Contacts.

This is an incredible group of volunteers who represent their schools as the contact with all things computer as they apply in the classroom.  They meet bi-monthly to share their successes and we do some learning together.  Because of limitations of occasional teacher coverage, it takes three days to offer places for each of them.

They hear about central initiatives and get the scoop about newly licensed software titles in advance and help refine just how it is that we use things in the classroom.  Their feedback helps touch reality for great plans.

We do have a formal agenda and you’re welcome to check it out here.  What’s really important to me is near the top of the agenda when each member shares with others their views on a certain topic.  In this case, we’re going to share “best” and “worst” practices of SMART Board use.  It should be interesting.  Because it takes three days to let everyone have their say, I’m using Coveritlive to record their observations.  Consequently, by Thursday, thoughts from all will be recorded and they can refer to what each other has noted.

This year, each of our schools was given an RCA Small Wonder camera.  I’ve called this the “YouTube Killer”.  YouTube has such a fascination for students.  So fascinating, in fact, that they’ll go to great lengths to try to get around the content filter to view videos.  We’re going to try to address the other side – creating video as a way to give some insights as to how videos are created.  We’re going to do this by developing our own 30 second instructional videos and we start in a few hours.  Everyone is supposed to bring in some footage from their cameras.

Of course, I have to lead with some examples.  Where do *I* find someone to teach?  Enter Beauregard the Wonder Dachshund.  For a few dog biscuits, I coaxed him from under his blanket to show off his one and only skill.

I’m looking forward to seeing what we can create and learn together.  I’ve thought of everything – well almost everything.  Forgot to order lunch for Monday but that’s just details.  Maybe we’ll be so engaged in our learning that it won’t be noticed.

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