The Return of Hyperstudio

At the ECOO conference, I was jokingly giving Deb Barrows from MacKiev the gears about Hyperstudio.  It has been a number of years since the software was seriously used all over the place in Ontario and other schools.  No other single piece of software has made such an impact and break through in terms of multimedia authoring and getting students to do different things.

Through the OSAPAC process, the software is available for installation on every computer desktop in the province.  As times and operating systems move on, Hyperstudio was neglected and eventually had issues with performance and then in the actual running of the program. But, what a run it had.

We saw teachers and students take their stories to the next level.  No longer were they relegated to simple typing on a word processing document.  Now, your story can have images and sound and music and movies and buttons and branching and …  I recall a presentation that I gave at the RCAC Symposium and other places called “The Answer To Every Question Is Hyperstudio”.  There were large audiences and people saw the light and great projects abound.

Through a number of different owners of the code, it has now landed in the lap of MacKiev who have integrated its functionality into the new multimedia hooks in the Macintosh Operating System.  Got iPhoto – into Hyperstudio it goes.

So, I was giving her the gears on Wednesday and, on Thursday, she stops to hand me a press release announcing the release of Hyperstudio 5 for the Macintosh OS X.  There is a promise of a Windows version shortly.

So, what do we do?

Well, we whip out the ol’ Blackberry and Twitter the great news to the world.  Since then, Twitter and other sources have been alive wth the news.

The question now will be one of seeing how the education market takes to the announcement.  Can the same excitement be rekindled?  In the absence of Hyperstudio, there have been other products in that education space.  Will Hyperstudio regain its prominence in education again?

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