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A Different Type of Blog

Set aside a few minutes to check out Patrick Moberg’s bog.  This is completely different and shows what an artist can do to blog with original art and pictures instead of words.  I just spent more than a few minutes.  Fascinating

And, in celebration of the recent US election, check out the images of all 44 presidents.

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Election Aftermath

There is much to be read today about the aftermath of the election.  For example, check out the front pages from all over the United States.

If there ever was a moment for Media Literacy, that’s it.

However, there’s another part of the election coverage that I found amusing.

It was the infusion of technology in the news reports.  Every news station had to prove they were more insightful with their uses of technology.  It enables them to “drill down” to get county by county results.  I could do a whole post on my thoughts on the term “drill down” and its use seemingly gives the talker an illusion of some great data wisdom.

But, coupled with the terminology, we have people trying to use new technology live in front of a nation-wide audience.  Unfortunately, they do it badly!  Perhaps it’s their age and the lines in the old bi-focals causing grief or maybe it’s the nerves of trying to demonstrate proficiency while talking or …

I swear some shows are like blooper reels for how not to use interactive white boards.

“Let me drill down show you blah-blah-blah county.  Well, hmmm, OK, this is the neighbouring county but it’s interesting too….”

Give me a 10 year old kid anytime!  If the medium is the message, maybe we should reconsider.  Or, at least practice!

I’m not the only one who was amused.  Saturday Night Live did as well.  I love this video. The fun starts at 5:30 into the segment. Thanks to NBC for making this available and for the embed code.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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