December 2008 GEC Computers in the Classroom Newsletter

This past week, my wife and I watched the Gemini Awards on television. The Geminis recognize the very best in Canadian broadcast television. My son works in production for the Survivorman series and they were nominated for three awards. The show was well produced with a great deal of interesting personalities on and off theContinue reading “December 2008 GEC Computers in the Classroom Newsletter”

Christmas Cards for Geeks

I know that I’m a little under the weather. But, I don’t care who you are.  These are funny. Of them all, three really tickled my fancy. Powered by ScribeFire.

links for 2008-11-29

Mindjet: Brainstorming, Free Form Thinking, and Visual Aid Mind Mapping Software Program MindManager 8 uses mind-mapping technology to let you capture, organize, and communicate information using an intuitive visual canvas. You'll be able to work smarter and transform your ideas into action more quickly. (tags: web2.0 windows visualization utilities tools tool software research) –Continue reading “links for 2008-11-29”

Mr. Tweet

Twitter has had just an enormous impact on folks who would grow their Personal Learning Network.  It’s a conversation; it’s a collaboration; it’s chatter; it’s making new contacts; it’s all of this and none of this depending upon how you handle it. It’s also an area with a very friendly and open API that inspiresContinue reading “Mr. Tweet”

links for 2008-11-28

Notify me when it's up! let you know when a particular service goes up (tags: website utilities troubleshooting tracking notify internet web2.0) Create text-to-speech podcast from RSS feed with Odiogo for iPod, MP3 player and mobile phone Odiogo's media-shifting technology expands the reach of your content: It transforms news sites and blog posts into highContinue reading “links for 2008-11-28”