A New Tool

At the NACOL conference this week, there were a number of presentations that made reference to disruptive technologies. Indeed, most of the presenters would support the notion that online learning is disruptive and a challenge to the status quo.

Undoubtedly. if you’re anywhere close enough to an online program, that’s easy to see.

There were also references to the software behind the concept that are equally as disruptive. There are those that hang on to their devotion to commercial office productivity suites but even more who see the alternatives whether a package or online as an even better option in so many ways.

Even the learning management systems need to look over their shoulders. It wasn’t just one session that I attended where the presented indicated a change from a proprietory one to open source.

The content that I’d delivered comes from various sources as well. From well funded centrally written projects to the notion of open content through the web. It’s intriguing as well.

But, what of the technologies used to access the web based content?

As noted in this blog earlier, I blogged during the flight in on my iPod. Right now, it’s the flight back and the pilot indicated that we’re over Kansas with about two hours until wheels down in Detroit. I could go into the overhead baggage and get my laptop but it’s so much easier to tap this out on the iPod with my headphones on listening to music.

After a day of live blogging on Coveritlive yesterday, I’m convinced now that this little device has huge potential to be just as much or more disruptive. Unlike other attendees who had battery concerns (even to the point of rushing to get to a table around the perimeter and the complimentary electricity), I was able to focus on the best position to see and hear the speaker. Plus, I had more than a day’s worth of juice to power it.

Disruptive is an eye opener. I know that I’m changing my approach and hope that readers of this blog can give it a thought before lugging the laptop to your next meeting.

Detroit is still 75 minutes away so it’s back to listening to Terri Clark and doing some more document creation.

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