Day: October 21, 2008

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Celebrities on Twitter

I was so excited to read this post this morning.  It has been my fondest desire to be on someone’s top 25 list.  I thought this might be it because was declared snooty by the Christian Science Monitor!

Alas, it wasn’t to be.

However, reading the list is very interesting.  It’s amazing how many of these celebrities that are so famous.  Why would they need to be on Twitter?

Probably the better question is why wouldn’t they want to be?  After all, here’s a community where people talk to each other, forge alliances, make friends, and coach each other to do great things.  From a celebrity perspective, what better way to raise your visibility and touch those would admire and follow you.  All in a contemporary manner.

The power of Twitter is most certainly in the communications.  There is no doubt.  However, when a group of like minded folks start to follow each other, it’s only natural to see who else they’re following.  From there, the contact lists just grow and grow.

It certainly make sense that you want to be in that space as a celebrity because it’s from there that you make new contacts and celebrate and exploit your celebrity.

So, for me, maybe next year.  I can alway delude myself thinking that I was #26 in the list of 25! Follow @dougpete and push me through the ranks…

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