links for 2008-10-19

Top Ten Web 2.0 Must-See Videos that Superintendents & Other School and District Leaders Must See? | innovation3 What are the Top Ten Must-See Videos that Superintendents and Other School and District Leaders Must See? (tags: web2.0 videos video leadership) BBC NEWS | UK | Web content 'disturbing children' Three out of four children have [...]

Symposium 2008

The Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee is composed of computer consultants in the school districts in South Western Ontario.  Geographically, it extends from Hamilton to Windsor, St. Thomas to Tobermory. Every year, a one day Symposium is offered for principals, superintendents, and key technology leaders from these school districts.  The Symposium features some of the [...]

Political Comedy/Reality

This was an interesting week for political viewing.  If you're running for political office in the United States, where do you turn?  "Meet the Press"?  "Face the Nation"? Nope, Saturday Night Live or the Alfred Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. Unlike the formalized debate environment with a moderator and strictly described but loosely applied rules, the [...]