Day: October 19, 2008

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Symposium 2008

The Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee is composed of computer consultants in the school districts in South Western Ontario.  Geographically, it extends from Hamilton to Windsor, St. Thomas to Tobermory.

Every year, a one day Symposium is offered for principals, superintendents, and key technology leaders from these school districts.  The Symposium features some of the great minds in classroom computer integration and highlights some of the great initiatives happening in the schools in the Western Ontario region.

This year’s event will be held on Thursday, December 11 at the Lamplighter Inn in London, Ontario.  The keynote speakers that day will be David Warlick ( and Amber MacArthur (  In addition, 17 breakout sessions are offered to the attendees.

More details of the event and a downloadable registration form is available from the Western RCAC Website.

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Political Comedy/Reality

This was an interesting week for political viewing.  If you’re running for political office in the United States, where do you turn?  “Meet the Press”?  “Face the Nation”?

Nope, Saturday Night Live or the Alfred Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner.

Unlike the formalized debate environment with a moderator and strictly described but loosely applied rules, the candidates had an opportunity to how another side of themselves.  Now, I can’t vote in the American
elections, but mass media and being connected makes it impossible to avoid and resist the urge to comment.  I must admit that I quite enjoyed seeing this side of McCain, Barack, and Palin.  Being in a senator or governor position bears incredible pressure as each decision is held under such scrutiny and impacts so many individuals.

I’m not naive enough to think that these folks wrote their own materials or that their political advisors didn’t have control over the content presented.  Even with this in mind, the politicians stepped up to the microphone and did admirably.  In the best or worst of our YouTube world, they do so knowing that it will be captured forever, posted so that all can see, and that anyone with a computer and internet connection can provide immediate comment.  Event snooty whackos will be found writing blog posts about it.

Every move in this election campaign has been captured for the masses electronically whether it be video or by comment.  For our students, there is so much to learn about media literacy, writing, literacy, scripting and image.  This phenomenon will not go away and candidates for future elections need to be paying close attention to what this media offers.  If potential leadership candidates aren’t doing their homework, they won’t have a prayer.

John McCain at the Smith Memorial

Barack Obama at the Smith Memorial

Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live
Links directly to Saturday Night Live’s website

Of course, of interest are the comments that are generated by the viewing public.  Often, you wonder if people were watching the same thing but that’s the reality of politics.

Something else for potential candidates to consider!

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