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I’ve talked about this a couple of times.  How do you encourage folks when they first get a Twitter account to be successful?  It’s all about finding the best people to follow.  “Best” means forward thinking, reflective, insightful, and most importantly regular posters.

In the past, I’ve suggested some ways and they work nicely.

Recently, Jane Hart addressed this in an interesting manner.

She created a list of over 100 e-Learning Professionals to follow on Twitter.

It’s a terrific place to assist new Twitterers begin their journey of creating their own network of Professional Learners.  In the list, Ms. Hart obviously focuses on education but also branches into the realm of corporate learning.  It’s amazing how the two have converged to provide a wealth of resources, should you take the time to follow.

Right off the bat, she points to Andy Carvin (@acarvin), one of the very first people that I followed.  He’s an amazing person to follow.  Not only does he provide salient and insightful posts from his job, but he isn’t shy about revealing aspects of his personal life as well.  I recall an instance where he reported that his MacBook had died and let the world know that he had purchased a new one.  On impulse, I tweeted and asked him what colour.  I got an immediate response.  This was nothing that would change the world, but it demonstrates how being connected to giving individuals can yield immediate success.

I’ve never met the gentleman but he seems to be the sort of person that you’ll walk away from a conversation with him all the much better off.

It’s a good list and as you scroll up and down, you’ll be intrigued and want to start to follow right away.  Don’t forget also, if you begin to follow, that you can head to the Twitter website and track back on some of their past contributions.  Follow the right people and you’ll get a more complete perspective on education and how technology has such a powerful impact.

Kudos to Jane for the creation of this list.  It’s another wonderful place to find great additions to your Personal Learning Network.

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