Connected, but disconnected

I seldom get a chance to drive down a bus route first thing in the morning.  Since I’m into work very early, I miss driving past bus stops watching folks waiting for the local traffic.

I did get the opportunity the other day.

I was amused to see what was happening.  Here we have groups of people waiting their connection on Windsor Transit.  I thought back to my university days in Toronto and taking the TTC from East York to Bloor and Spadina.  As we would gather at bus stops, you’d nod at the other folks and say good morning and usually, you’d find someone to have a little conversation with.  It usually involved the weather but that’s OK.  It was just a bit of human contact.

What I saw the other day was completely different.  Again, there were groups of people waiting for a bus but many were listening to their iPods (you can tell by the telltale white earplugs) or they were texting someone on their cellphone.  Or, others were texting while listening to their iPods.

It was an interesting collection of technology use.

The irony can’t be lost.  It’s so important to stay in touch with a social network, all the while ignoring the gathering of folks in your immediate vicinity.  In this day and age, is it so important to be connected online that we disconnect from those face to face conversations?  Does nobody care about the weather anymore?

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