links for 2008-10-31

Attack Ad Generator - Make Your Own Political Attack Ads - by 9 Astronauts Now creating a vicious attack ad is as easy as using regrigerator magnet poetry! (tags: president election politics advertising) Teachers TV | Thousands of education programmes on TV and online Thousands of education programmes on TV and online (tags: web2.0 videos [...]

links for 2008-10-30

Math is Fun - Homework Help Send students here for a little extra mathematics help (tags: worksheets tutorial teacherresources students resources puzzles practice) 12 Google Shortcuts Every Traveler Should Know Forget going to ten different sites to get your travel info quickly. Just Google it! (tags: google internet teaching travel tips technology howto) Incredible Firefox [...]

A New Tool

At the NACOL conference this week, there were a number of presentations that made reference to disruptive technologies. Indeed, most of the presenters would support the notion that online learning is disruptive and a challenge to the status quo. Undoubtedly. if you're anywhere close enough to an online program, that's easy to see. There were [...]

links for 2008-10-28

byokal : Kaleidoscope maker for interesting new graphics (tags: web2.0 web visualization toys online) 25+ Incredibly Useful Twitter Tools and Firefox Plugins | Noupe Today we wanted to highlight more than 25 of our favorite Twitter add-ons, tools and services that won’t resist. (tags: website web2.0 web twitter tutorials tools tips) The talking cat [...]

links for 2008-10-27 - Fun Financial Literacy Activities for Kids, Teens, Parents and Teachers What would you do if someone gave you $1,000 to "invest wisely"? (tags: web2.0 teaching socialstudies personalfinance parenting savings resource) Google LatLong: Google Earth now available for iPhone Google Earth is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch, allowing you to fly [...]