Wikipedia for Trivia

The Wikipedia is full of information.  As the world builds this collection of knowledge, it’s interesting to note just what is in there.

For no apparent reason, other than sheer boredom, I did a Wikipedia search for “eleven”.

The Wikipedia’s detractors will point to the academic problems that quoting from The Wikipedia can raise.  If you have time to do some reading, check out these search results.  You’ll find out what the world thinks about using The Wikipedia for research.

Anyway, back to the original post.  Searching for “eleven” in The Wikipedia reveals this result.

Mathematicians know all about what makes 11 such a unique number.  For these folks, this link would be better.

Now, there’s some real trivia that’s difficult to find elsewhere.  I just tried to see what Grolier says about “eleven” and the top hit is about the number of players on a US football team.

Thank goodness we have The Wikipedia to provide these results.  I wonder how many bar room debates have been resolved in this fashion?

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