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Worst and Best

It’s amazing that it doesn’t happen more often or perhaps it does and I just don’t see it.

Twitter is an online environment where you let the world know in 140 characters or less what you’re doing.  Most social networking websites feature that sort of thing but that’s all that Twitter is about so there are no other distractions.  With all of the people posting comments, I was suppose that it was bound to happen.

One of the folks that I follow was outraged by a comment that another made about pitbulls and lipstick.  I’m sure that it was in reference to a comment made by the Republican Vice-President candidate but, regardless, it had an unfortunate fallout.

On the best side, yesterday was the beginning of the New Year for those of the Jewish faith.  The greeting of “L’Shana Tova” is appropriate at this time of introspection.  It was a warm feeling to see this greeting go from friend to friend.

Both comments are very timely and the links above will take you to Twitter’s search and let you see exactly what is being talked about with both topics.

In both cases, it does give us pause to think before we post.  The message, and subsequent reaction, is available for everyone to read.  How many times do we admonish students to “think before you post?”  Shouldnt’t that apply to us as well?

To perhaps quote Mark Twain, “It is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

It is good advice for all posters.  In 140 characters, a great deal can be inferred.

Above and beyond all, though, it never hurts to be nice to each other.

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links for 2008-09-28


You know, if you waited for perfection, few things, if anything, would ever come to fruition.

From a software perspective, we’d never have to learn words like “Alpha” or “Beta”.

Think what we would have computer-wise if we waited until they were perfect.


That’s right.  Nothing.

No Internet Explorer.  No Firefox.  No Google Earth.  No Microsoft Office.  No OpenOffice.

In fact, as I noodle over this, I can’t think of a single thing that is Version 1.0 and complete with no enhancements in sight.

No Wikipedia.  No Grolier Encyclopedia.  No Science Textbooks. 

Things are always changing and getting better.  They get more mature; have new features; more content accuracy; enhanced safety features…

When you talk to folks about the Internet, the flaws are quick to be identified.  Indeed, the Internet is no more perfect than Internet Explorer 1 or a Science Textbook or Encyclopedia that includes Pluto as a planet.

Jeff Jarvis from the United Kingdom’s “The Guardian” has a very interesting article in tomorrow’s paper.  In the article, Jeff takes on the acknowledged flaws of using the Internet in his article “Let’s junk the myths and celebrate what we’ve got”.  It’s a great article written from a practical, common sense point of view.

I highly recommend that you read the article and bookmark it.  I’ll bet it gives you ammunition somewhere along the line.

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