Your Privacy

Many websites “respect your privacy”.  But, do you care?

How often when you visit a website, particularly in this day of the explosion of Web 2.0 applications, do you read and understand the privacy policy before registering for whatever the service provides.

When I was the webmaster at OSAPAC, we spent a great deal of time getting our policy in place to say exactly what we needed it to say.  You can check it out at this link.  Does this language give you pause before you use the website?

In the past week, Microsoft took shots at Google over its approach to privacy.  This link will take you to an interview with a Microsoft official on ZDNet Australia.

In an unrelated issue, it was revealed that some of the images from Google’s new StreetView were taken from private property.

One of Google’s driving philosophies is that you can make money by not doing evil.

If this is true, and I doubt that the corporation is intentionally doing evil, what of those who do aspire to do evil?  Or, at least make a few bucks by doing things that we might construe as evil.

It’s good food for thought and is definitely something that you need to consider when you plop down an email address for registration or feedback or offer for a freebie on a website.

You should care, because your privacy is important.  What happens when you lose that?

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