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A New Firefox Utliity

As you know by reading my laments, Delicious has had its challenges updating blogs with a post reflecting the latest entries to the popular social bookmarking service.

I’ve been searching the support and the public message areas and following Delicious support on Twitter. All locations indicate that they are aware of the problems and searching for solutions.

Personally, I’ve been using the service for a while now and it serves to post the resources that I find during a day to my blog, making it easier to refer back to things and also offers another avenue to share them with you.

So, I was stuck until I ran across this little ditty in one of the forums.

To the rescue, an add-on to Firefox solves the problem at least on an interim basis. Released is the Delicious Blog Rescue Tool.

This tool replicates the functionality that Delicious had previously reliably provided. There are a couple of issues. First, you have to run it manually and those that know me know that I try to automate most things. Secondly, it doesn’t seem to reliably get all of the resources for a particular day.  But, I did force it to run manually and make posts for the days when Delicious wasn’t.

But, I’ll use it and it forces some of the things that I’ve bookmarked to appear in the blog so that I can share it with you and refer to it for my own purposes.

Thanks to the developer.

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