The internet is very demanding of the performance of its websites.  A lot of the time developers focus on the “look” rather than the “content” and the “performance”.

You might get drawn in by the look and many Web 2.0 services have that glitzy multi-coloured layout that is eye appealing.

But, it’s not the colours that keep you returning.  It’s the use and functionality.

A while back, Cuil hit the online world amid huge hype.  This was going to be the Google slayer.

With a fresh look and an innovative approach to displaying search results, it was intriguing.  It had the looks; it had the layout.  But, did it deliver on content?

Many people felt frustrated with the lack of coordination with the images that were returned with the search results.  Much was written about people’s frustration with the results.  Cuil had the potential to change what we thought searching was all about.  Off the marks, though, it failed to deliver.

Now, statistics are available showing the drop off in interest in this search engine.  The statistics tell a story about the habits of internet users.

They’ll give you a shot, but you need to deliver on your promise.

I’m always a champion for the underdog and I hope that Cuil does get to the point where it can deliver.  I think that it’s news paperish look has potential for education and just random surfers who wish to zero in rapidly when they search.

Timely enough, check out this story from today’s Globe and Mail.

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