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So Much City

I’ve been in Ottawa for just a couple of days and have come to an appreciation of just how much there is to see and do.  At the same time, it’s so frustrating to know that it would take a lifetime to do it.

We arrived on the weekend and did some exploration and found some of the wonderful things to see around the Parliament Buildings.  It’s humbling to walk around the building, see the statues of the famous Canadians and be humbled at the War Memorial.

After a full day’s events at OSAPAC, we went out for another scout around the place and found out what we would have seen had we turned right at the river instead of turning left.  This time, tour guide Tim took us to see the statue of Samuel de Champlain holding his astrolabe and we got to hear the stories of this lookout, the effluent from the mint, and an alternate route back to the heart of the city.

It was great, and yet at the same time, the compelling architecture of area keeps you saying “I want to see this” and “I want to see that”.

We saw the giant spider outside the National Gallery of Canada and the unique statue outside the US Embassy Building.  Tim’s right; the view is much better from Google Earth.

We’re not done here yet but I know that we’ll leave Ottawa wanting to see more of this beautiful city.

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