Browser Memory Requirements

Have you ever wondered why your computer gets slower and slower over time?

One of the reasons is that your RAM (Random Access Memory) fills and your computer starts to use your computer’s hard drive’s cache as a way to extend the memory so that you can continue to work.  This can result in memory contents swapping forth and back from the hard drive to primary memory so that the program continues to function.

Periodically, you should reboot your computer to get a fresh start.

As more and more of what we do turns to web based applications, it makes sense to take a look at web browsers to make sure that they are efficiently using your computer’s memory.  After all, what’s the point of having a great web application if you have to wait forever for the simplest of things to be done.  If your computer’s hard drive is thrashing away whenever you hit the web, you might find the following post of interest.

Here, you’ll see the results from one researcher as he puts several popular browsers through their paces and monitors memory use.  As promised with the release of Firefox 3, it excels in managing memory.  If you’re in for a technical read, here’s why.

If you’ve been wavering about switching browsers, this might serve to convince you.

Does this mean that I’ll be using only one browser?  Well, not just yet.  There are times when I need to work with Active-X stuff and you can’t beat the ease of Internet Explorer for this.  There are times when I want to snag an object on a web page.  You can’t beat Safari’s Activity option for that.

But, for the application that I leave open all day long, this confirms the decision that I made a long time ago that there are other options.  As noted in the article, Firefox and Flock handle memory nicely and are good for the long browsing haul.

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