Crop Circles Hit Holmesville

The summer of the unexplained continues.

We were back in Clinton over the weekend and I happened onto the local news.

Here’s how the story appeared in the Clinton News Record.

It was yet another one of these close to home deals.

Crop Circles in Huron County!

The circles appeared in a field on the Cut Line outside Holmesville. Hey, I said to my wife, didn’t you live on the Cut Line outside Holmesville? Yep

So, we speculated on the cause. I’m thinking tornado touchdowns; Bub is thinking bunch of kids doing a prank; and my wife knows that it was aliens. This was too good not to note that they probably landed in Holmesville, didn’t find intelligent life, and left! At least, I saw the humour…

Now, you can’t be this close to this sort of thing and not take pictures, so first thing this morning we grab the camera and head out the Cut Line. Ron would be so proud of us! We have no idea where to go; we’re just hoping to see them from the road. Well, son of a gun, the field was just a concession west of her old farm and you COULD see them from the road.

So, we take a couple from the car. Click each picture for a larger image.

Then, bonus! The aliens or the farmer had left a plastic chair right in the field. A sit down conversation with the visitors? Or, perhaps it’s just left there so that visitors could take pictures. We did.

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5 thoughts on “Crop Circles Hit Holmesville”

  1. Best closeup physical study of crop circles I’ve encountered; I enjoyed the You Tube video. From my view it didn’t seem like a prank.

    Great idea to meditate about them as the young lady does.


  2. Ok seriously I think I saw the crop circle when we drove from Stratford to London to visit my son. I think we took HWY 8 west out of Stratford to connect up with HWY 4. Is that circle that you are blogging about? Or is there another one out there?


  3. You would have been in the vicinity. Highway 8 meets Highway 4 in the centre of Clinton. From there, Highway 4 heads south through Brucefield, Kippen, Hensall, Exeter, … towards London. Had you continued on Highway 8 west towards Goderich, you would have come to Holmesville. The Cut Line goes from Holmesville west and joins up with Highway 21 between Goderich and Bayfield.

    We were in Seaforth today and noticed a great deal of wheat that’s knocked down. With it being heavy and the rain, it begins to fall but irregularly. These crop circles were perfectly formed. Wish you’d read the post before you went travelling and I could have directed you there!


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