Survivorman Rocks Huntsville

As part of Huntsville’s Festival of the Arts, Les Stroud performed to a sold out audience at the Huntsville Theatre last night and I was fortunate enough to be there.

The show was billed as a marriage of multimedia from the popular television show and Stroud’s original compositions. Except for the encore, the show was all-Stroud and the extremely talented group that he amassed.

Throughout, you would hear sounds that you wouldn’t have thought possible on harmonica, banjo, flute, or violin or… It was an amazing display of talent that gave each of the members on stage a time to display their abilities.

I had never heard Stroud’s music before as I suspect that it only gets local play. However, the music was put into context with Stroud’s story telling abilities and footage from the popular OLN Survivorman series. For example, Clips from Ecuador and family canoeing made for a complete experience that I’d never heard or seen the likes of before. Huntsville should be proud of its native son and it was a proud moment to be a Canadian when we all joined in for the chorus of “I am Canadian”.

This was opening night for the show and there were a few glitches. But they didn’t detract from the overall experience. With the constant changing of instruments to show the reach of the band, it was bound to happen.

Stroud provided all the vocals and with the exception of one song, he was front and centre for the three hour show.

The Huntsville Theatre was an enjoyable setting. After the show, you could immediately walk up and down the main street to enjoy what you would expect in cottage country.

I was there as more than just a tourist in town. My son works for the Survivorman series and was part of the group there to capture this multimedia experience and turn it into another one! It was great to have him recognized as one of the “three wise men” that get to work with Les Stroud on a daily basis.

If you are a fan of Survivorman and get a chance to see this concert, buy tickets early. It will sell out with Survivorman fans who will leave with more insights to the show and the personal skills and abilitities of Les Stroud.


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  1. What a fascinating concert in an exotic summer setting. Sounds very special. Like father like son in the multimedia department?


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