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Scrabulous | An amazing word game enjoyed by millions of players! Scrabulous is the coolest word game enjoyed by millions of users! (tags: words web2.0 web vocabulary scrabulous social scrabble puzzles)

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Talkinator - talk like crazy! Add chat to your web site or profile page in seconds! Just copy and paste the code, and start typing! (tags: chat web2.0 applet) Find your next job as people post positions on Twitter (tags: twitter jobs) AGAKIDS for Kids Visual Search for Children (tags: searchengine children kids search) [...]

links for 2008-07-29 - Craigslist Power Search Engine Search engine for Craigslsit (tags: search craigslist) Cuil Welcome to Cuil—the world’s biggest search engine. The Internet has grown. We think it’s time search did too. (tags: search searchengine google cuil web engine reference) UnConferencing--Stop Lecturing at people, telling them to change their ways! UnConferencing--Stop Lecturing at people, telling [...]

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thesixtyone - massively multiplayer music discovery Earn experience points and unlock achievements by predicting what's good in new music (tags: music mp3 community social web2.0 discovery) - The horizontal Flickr slideshow The horizontal photo slideshow for Flickr (tags: flickr slideshow tools photography photos flash) yourminis :: web widgets, blog widgets, desktop widgets, widgetize your [...]