Silly Error Messages

Well, yesterday was the big day for the release of Firefox 3.  I added to the record count by downloading and installing it three times.  As I write this, the download count stands at 5.8M.  There indeed was big interest in this release of the product.

If you did do the download, you are entitled to help yourself to a certificate.  Of course I did, as the ol’ CV can use all the help it can get!

In fairness, I also downloaded Flock Beta as you know that it will go gold soon too.

Anyway, to the topic of this blog post.

I know that in a former life as a programmer, it’s not uncommon to build in silly little messages and things into your code.  These Easter Eggs let you have a little fun at the end user expense.

I do live in a sense of paranoia when I connect my computers to the internet.  I have them heavily firewalled (?) just to keep them save.  As I fired up Flock and Firefox for the first time, the firewall message brought a smile to my face.  “Flock wants to access the internet.  Do you want to allow this?”

Yeah, what the heck.  Let’s see what happens!

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