Use of computers in the classroom

A Manitoba research report talks about the harm that computers can have on student learning.

In today’s Windsor Star, a story on the report appears. Representatives from both district school boards in the area were contacted and commented on the report.

The Montreal Gazette reported on the same story.

There are some broad, sweeping generalizations in the report but it should serve to remind us all that we are under scrutiny. There is a concern expressed in the report about the cost of putting technology in schools.

I’m reminded of the quote by Derek Bot. “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

If we don’t provide equity of access and instruction in public schools, where will students learn the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to be a responsible citizen in today’s society? In Ontario, we do have a program of Ministry licensed software that benefits all financially and importantly provides the opportunities for all schools for a common tool. (Disclaimer: Author is a member of the OSAPAC Committee)

With computers, we enable students to have access to more information, think deeper and more analytically, and view problems in ways never imagined in a traditional classroom. The challenge for us is to prove that it’s money well invested.

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