Search is big business

If there’s any question that “Search” is big business, it’s solidified in this report in Business Week.

The report indicates that internet search giant Yahoo! will lay off 1000 workers.  The number 1000 is a large number and gives a sense of the size of the corporation.  But, the more telltale indicator is apparent when you read that revenue is predicted to be up to $6 billion dollars with profits in the millions.  This is huge and almost surreal to think of something that big.  And, you access it with your $39/month internet account.

You’ve got to believe that when you’re talking business of this size that you can’t rest on your laurels.  There was a time when you could count on your hand the big areas.  Altavista, Yahoo, Lycos but there has been so much growth in other areas of search.  Search also has evolved to the point where you may need or want to search from wherever you are.  There was a time when you went to a website to do  a search.  In attempts to corner the search market, access to search engines reaches into your browser with its search windows and your search bar add-ins. 

Not willing to sit at the back of the bus, APIs are available that will allow people to perform their searches right from your blog or wiki or webpage.  In the demand for universal search, those of us who are web producers must add as much functionality to our websites as others.  Search engines provide this functionality to us to incorporate this into our own productions.

In this mode, search is big business and viral.  It reaches into our desktops, our favourite webpages, our toolbars, and yes, even our bookmarked pages.

Search is no longer use something that you do; it’s everywhere; and it’s big business.

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