Everyone Complains About the Weather, But No One Ever Does Anything About it

I wish I knew the original attribution of the above quote.

Straying from my usual comments about technology and education, I just want to complain about the weather.  I’ve had it with winter here in the “Sun Parlor”.

I figured out why yesterday.

When I was growing up in Huron County, winter was winter.  The snow started mid-November and stuck around until after the March Break hockey tournaments.  You knew that it was winter; you wore winter boots; winter jackets; gloves; and a hat.  We had a snowmobile and it was a primary source of winter transportation.  The town streets got narrower and narrower as the snow banks grew.  It was just a fact of life and we lived it.

Now, in the “Sun Parlor”, we have many winters.  It starts in earnest usually right about the RCAC Symposium in December.  Then it warms up and the snow goes away.  Then it snows again.  Then it warms up and goes away.  In fact, if you are supposed to have 40 winters by the time that you are 40, I would suspect that Essex County people enjoy at least 4 or 5 times that many.  You can wake up to snow in the morning and then a balmy snow free drive home at night.  Or, vice versa.  Yesterday, for example, was a beautiful morning.  When I left after doing a workshop at 6, it was cold and there was snow everywhere.

To really get the effect, you have two sets of attire in your car.  You may not need snow boots in the morning but you might later on.

Even the dedicated folks who work on the roads have a difficult time.  We don’t experience much of a sand/salt mixture.  We got right to straight rock salt it seems.  So, to defy the laws of nature, when you’re driving in -18 degree temperature, there are salt puddles on the roads.

So, I figure that I’ve had at least 4 winters since the first of December and I’m tired of it.

As it says in the time, nobody seems to be able to do anything about it but I figured that I’d just add myself to the list of complainers.

Have a nice, snowy, wintery, warm, blustery, cool, frigid day.  Take your pick.

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