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There are huge potential when all of the elements start to come together. When people talk about the Read/Write web (sometimes called Web 2.0), they get excited with the potential of anyone becoming a potential publisher of information.

Witness the explosion of blogs. In a previous life, people posted web pages and those of us who were connected and starving for information would devour the content that people took the time to post.

Next up though is the chance to post to a blog and afford those who were inspired to do so the chance to comment on your thoughts.

Time waits for nobody though and the next logical step lets you record yourself and publish audio and video and let people enjoy your efforts and comment back to you by clicking the response link. So exciting.

But, we now can go even further. Imagine adding audio responses to the original. I’ve been following this technology as an interested consumer for some time.

I’m talking about VoiceThread. It’s got your basic Read/Write web requirement. Post and allow people to respond, but this time you do so by speaking the response.

It had to happen.

But, the “new” is a real wow to me as I follow the Clever Sheep’s rants about cell phone banning. Guess what? The “new” feature is that you can now comment on an ongoing thread via cell phone.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together and all of the parts fall into place?

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