Mac versus PC Explained

The Consumer Electronics Show is on in Las Vegas this week. This is an event that I’ve alway wanted to attend just to see all of the innovation in the technology field. I’m sure that a lot of technology dies on the floor but it’s the show that’s the thing. Plus, we get a glimpse of where technology is headed. It might not be available for purchase right now but some incarnation of it just might be there in the future.

Gismodo features an interview with Bill Gates where he tries to explain the difference between Apple and Microsoft in their approaches to marketing.

It’s a very good interview to hear his perspective about what Microsoft brings to the market and what he perceives the Apple brings to the market. It’s his opinion and so you need to watch and listen from that perspective.

What’s even more interesting is reading the responses from the internet visitors. Mac lovers; Windows lovers; you’ve got to love them all and their devotion to their part of the computer world!

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