Blogging on FirstClass

Please note that, as of this date, the new version of FirstClass has been installed and put into operation. There is a great deal of additional functionality in this release. The FirstClass Administrator has put the updated client online and it’s available for staff to download and install at home. The clients are available at: Please share this information with your staffs.

In addition to the standard function of the program, this new release features blogging, podcasting, etc.

There’s a great deal to experiment with in this new release.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging on FirstClass

  1. We have FirstClass in our district, but I cannot get the blog feature to work correctly. The posts appear, but users cannot reply.


  2. I had the same situation with our FirstClass system. However, that became too much of a show stopper for me and I moved on to WordPress and am glad that I did.


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